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Welcome To Mildura IT

Mildura IT is a local computing and networking firm providing personalised, prompt and professional services.

At Mildura IT we focus on developing strong relationships with our private and commercial customers.  We have been supporting clients across Sunraysia with computing, networking and software development solutions since 2003.

With the rollout of the NBN now complete the playing field between the large Telcos and smaller outfits has been levelled, making Mildura IT a great option for your NBN needs.  

All Telcos need to be able to deliver fixed phone services over the internet. Our view is that there is greater value in partnering with an agile and nimble partner. One such company is Vonex, with whom we have chosen to partner for fixed phone services.

We can help your business with hardware solutions including PC's, Laptop's, VoIP Handsets and much more, as well as help with their installation.

We also provide a number of services to help keep your business connected and secure once online, including M365 email and apps solutions, Acronis back-up solutions and ESET online security

With over 20 years of combined experience we can also create web sites and build custom web applications that fit your business perfectly and will support any device.

There's exciting times ahead in the 20's, and we look forward to what technologies arise and providing the type of support that customers rely upon for smooth transitions, growth and savings.

Kent Dean
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