Choosing a Plan.

Many Internet Providers Build Packages To A Budget. While a plan may include Unlimited Data the speed (bandwidth) may be sacrificed. Bandwidth is kind of like the road, the more lanes or Upload/Download there is the faster the internet is, but how do you know what you need?

Choosing the best plan means understanding how you use your internet.

different activities use data differently, the mixture of your activities will help determine the best connection for you.

a breakdown of uses:

Email - Very Low (1-30Mbs per email)

Web browsing - Low - (1-5 Mbs per page or higher for pages with Video ie. FB- see streaming)

Video conferencing - High (up to 30MBs per second depending on Quality)

Streaming - High (up to 30MBs per second depending on Quality)

Gaming - Low (using 1-2Mbs per second, however is very sensitive to network Delay or Ping, also called LAG)

Phones (Voip) - Low (1-2Mbs per second)

The more users doing things at the same time, the more bandwidth required.

All connections may form part of a larger group (pool) whose total usage may be restricted. There is premium and standard pools which is kind of a like a Freeway on peak hour (Telstra) vs a Freeway off peak hour (Vonex).

Computer hardware and your network hardware can effect the speed and reliably of your connection.