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Slim Your Telco Costs Down with Vonex ONdesk Phone Solutions.

Who would have thought the cost of a fixed phone line (including local, national and phone call costs) could be cut down to $25 per month? I wouldn't have! Yet with Vonex's ONdesk 25 plan, that's exactly what can be achieved. If you already have an internet connection with solid upload and download capability, a single handset can be plugged right on in.


Additionally Vonex is offering a plan named ONdesk 30, which translates as follows:

  1. $30 per handset per month (Min 2 handsets per order)

  2. Includes Cost of basic model handset (desktop or cordless phone), by way of a third party finance company.

  3. Includes local, national and mobile calls save for 13, 1300, 1800 numbers.

  4. Contract term is 36 months, $2160 min total cost.


Softphone $5

Where a softphone can be paired with a Yealink Handset Extension, then the charge is $5 per month.

For a stand-alone installation of the software, the charge would be $25 per month,

And if you are not sold, QANTAS will throw in some points via its Business Rewards program.


Additionally, Vonex customers based in Sunraysia and The Riverland can rest in the assurance that local know-how is available to them through Mildura IT.


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