Small Form Factor, Big Wheels with HP Desktop Mini Business Grade Computers

Mildura IT has for the past decade sold 100's of HP business grade computers. Why is this? They are rock solid. Of the PCs we have sold how many hardware issues have arisen? So far none.


Mildura IT has five of these units in use currently. We know them and love them. Aside from reliability why?


With the inclusion of a 24" LCD monitor, we can usually deploy an Intel Core i7 based unit with Office at around the $2K mark.


Speed & Power!

Don't let size be a fooler, these small factor devices with at least 8GB DDR4 RAM, a solid-state drive and Windows 10 pro and will perform fantastically ~ all of ours have. While we would not recommend the devices for gamers or architects, they are more than capable of running three FHD LCD screens.


Small Footprint and Quiet!

It's so easy to tuck these devices away, out of sight and mind and save for the button which turns the device on, and a small internal fan, the device is solid state.


If you have windows 7 machines running as 2020 rolls on, then there's a great opportunity so advocate for a more secure machine and network by upgrading to one of these beauties.

All pricing and availability is subject to change at short notice