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Small Form Factor, Big Wheels with HP Desktop Mini  Computers

Mildura IT has for the past decade sold 100's of HP business grade computers. Why is this? They are rock solid. Of the PCs we have sold how many hardware issues have arisen? So far none.


Mildura IT has five of these units in use currently. We know them and love them. Aside from reliability why?

  • Rock-solid reliability: HP business grade computers have a proven track record of reliability, with no hardware issues arising from the hundreds of units sold by Mildura IT over the past decade. This means your business can rely on these computers to run smoothly and without interruption.

  • Affordable value: HP business grade computers offer excellent value, with a 24" LCD monitor included in the package for around $2,000. This makes them an affordable option for small to medium-sized businesses on a budget.

  • Powerful performance: HP business grade computers are packed with performance features, including at least 8GB DDR4 RAM, a solid-state drive, and Windows 10 Pro. They can easily handle multitasking and running multiple FHD LCD screens at once, making them a great choice for productivity-focused businesses.

  • Small footprint, quiet operation: HP business grade computers have a small footprint and operate quietly, making them easy to tuck away out of sight and reduce clutter in the office environment. They also have a sleek, professional design that looks great in any workspace.

  • Upgraded security: Upgrading to an HP business grade computer is an excellent way to improve your business's security, especially if you are still running Windows 7 machines. The latest hardware and software features in these computers will help protect your business from security threats and keep your data safe.

HP Business Monitor

All pricing and availability is subject to change at short notice

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