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A Kodak Moment for the Telco Industry

Once we used to think of a "Kodak Moment" as a special point in time, one which we needed to capture on film...

.. maybe a birthday, a wedding a or family vacation. When our kids were much younger, our family, when holidaying in Melbourne found accommodation in a Caravan Park in Coburg not far from Bell Street. This happened to be the site of the, at the time, defunct Kodak factory.

The site, pictured above, no longer exists: it had been cleared for residential development a decade ago.

“As digital imaging was to film, so IP based phone systems are to traditional on-premises PBX systems.”

In time's past, poor upload speed meant poor quality for voice over IP phone systems. There may be a stigmatic residue in relation to VOIP 1.0, but the reality is that many phone services already provide come via digital to anolog converters (known as ATA's) bundled within routers.

The advent of the nbn with its improved upload bandwidth has changed the game. As this relates to Mildura the opportunity to move to the new IP based technologies is now here for many subscribers. If you add in iiNet's Hybrid Fibre Coaxial Network (formerly Neighborhood Cable), opportunities have been here for some time.

Don't pay a cent for phone hardware!

Now is a great time to make the move

Via its channel partner Vonex Ltd Mildura IT is beautifully positioned to help private and commercial clients make the change. Together, we can get phone hand sets delivered when customers sign up to for a 36 month deal with Vonex and connect to their state of the art hosted PBX.

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